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Tyler C Rich

This is Tyler C Rich, and I am a retired professional gardener.

I was born in Hazelwood, Missouri, and was fond of plants and greenery from the very beginning. Fortunately, I had a family that loved to be surrounded by as many plants as they could.

By the time I reached my teenage age, taking care of plants and landscaping was second nature.

And I did not have to think twice before doing my bachelor’s in agriculture development, followed by a few short-term courses in gardening, landscaping, and advanced horticulture.

After ensuring a basic academic understanding of things, I entered the industry, helping hundreds of families construct their dream garden.

However, I decided to retire early but wanted to share what I know about gardening with a broader audience. That is when the idea of struck.

I understand that there are many types of gardeners out there. Many of them do gardening in their free time, whereas others find dedicated time for gardening.

Regardless of your group, will be a haven for authentic guides, tips, and tutorials. The reason for building was that I knew several tips that can help contemporary gardeners with their design and features.

However, it does not feel right that these tips have to remain in the industry. Therefore, I thought a blog where I can collaborate with fellow gardening experts and enthusiasts would be a great space for sharing information.

Urban gardening, raised gardens, different types of garden designs, etc., are some of the many areas we cover on this blog. Of course, our team is happy to expand this coverage to almost any section as per the demand.

For instance, you can find ultimate guides to urban gardening on the blog. These guides cover a-to-z about the development of gardens in urban settings.

You can also see us talking about raised garden beds, garlic gardens, garden pallets, etc.

Of course, these are in addition to the valuable recommendations in terms of the plants, maintenance techniques, and helpful tutorials.

I also go through the comments to learn more about what our readers are looking for. In more than one way, it helps me understand how things can be improved for a better environment for gardening.

I realize that gardening has changed so much in the past couple of decades, and I am happy to catch up to speed with the help of

Therefore, in many ways, the blog is a platform for mutual growth and knowledge boost.