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edible landscaping

Edible Landscaping for Urban Gardeners: A Practical Guide

Edible landscaping, also known as foodscaping or agricultural urbanism, is a creative and sustainable way to integrate edible plants into urban gardens. This innovative gardening approach offers numerous benefits, such as providing a local source of fresh fruits and vegetables, promoting biodiversity, and enhancing the visual appeal of urban spaces.

How To Tell If Honeydew Is Ripe

How To Tell If Honeydew Is Ripe

Melons are among the most loved fruits in almost every home. Their ability to quench thirst with their sweet juicy taste is incredibly refreshing. But your ability to enjoy a melon is limited to timing. There’s little better than the taste of perfectly ripe Honeydew melon. But, at the same time, an unripe honeydew melon doesn’t match up. The struggle is real but it’s also over because you’ll learn here how to tell if honeydew is ripe.