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44 Gifts For Gardeners

44 Gifts For Gardeners

Everyone knows someone whose happy spot is in the garden, whether it’s in their backyard or caring for a collection of inside plants.

You also know that the best gifts are those that suit the interests of your loved ones.

Consider giving a present to the special person in your life who has a green thumb. A gift that matches their interests will assist them in tending their garden and keeping their plants happy.

Their plants will thrive, and as a result, they will as well.

Our guide provides you with 43 different kinds of gifts for gardeners to help you decide on the best one for that special someone in your life.

1. Papier “The Gardener” planner

Papier "The Gardener" planner

This calendar is ideal for organized gardeners or those who might need a little scheduling help. This planner ensures that the recipient will remember every planting date and event for the plants in the garden.

The journal has a 54-week view as well as an additional note-taking area. Papier offers a wide choice of patterns and personalization options, but our favorite among the gifts for gardeners is ‘The Gardener.’

2. Sprout pencil, mindful thoughts edition

These Sprout pencils include seeds in the pod at the end of the pencil. Plant and watch them grow.

The kit is non-toxic, lead-free, and biodegradable. In addition, each pencil in the Mindful Thoughts Edition has a different uplifting quote printed on it to add to the value of this thoughtful gift.

3. Kabloom butterfly wildflower seedbom

Seedboms are biodegradable, which means you can throw them in the garden, and they’ll decompose, leaving only the seeds behind.

There are multiple seed varieties to choose from, including a wildflower mix meant to attract butterflies to your garden–a perfect present idea for young gardeners and any nature lover.

4. Twool twine gift set

This sturdy, environmentally friendly rope is manufactured from Whiteface Dartmoor sheep wool and is compostable.

You can use the twine both inside and out and in the garden, and it should last a year.

5. Personalized denim gauntlet gardening gloves

You can get these denim gauntlet gloves personalized with up to 25 characters for an extra touch of thoughtfulness. These gardening gloves extend past the wrist for further protection against thorns and nettles.

If you want a shorter version with faux leather palms, this style is also available as a modern approach to tackling weeds and trimming.

6. Personalized garden tool belt

Personalized garden tool belt

With this functional tool belt, you can keep hand tools, labels, and other necessary equipment close at hand. It includes several sized pockets as well as a pencil holder and is easily adjustable around the waist.

The tool belt is one of the best gifts for gardeners, as you can personalize this belt with up to eight characters, making it a unique and personal gift.

7. Cast iron hedgehog boot brush

With this cast iron boot brush from the National Trust, you can keep your wellingtons, walking boots, and outdoor shoes in tip-top shape.

In addition, you can knock off the worst of the mud with the brush, reducing the amount of clean-up when you return to the house.

8. Personalized denim gardening apron

You can also personalize this gardening apron from Not on the High Street with Mum, Grandma, or any other name for an exclusive touch.

You can have the word printed in gold on indigo denim, and the front of the apron has four pockets for keeping bits and bobs when working in the garden.

9. Hunter Balmoral wellington boots

These traditional Hunter wellington boots are a stunning statement for every gardener and are suitable for any gender.

They are dependable and sturdy on rainy days, as they are made of heavy-duty rubber and come with a high grip tread.

10. Folder Panama hat

This classic folder Panama hat is hand-woven in Ecuador and finished in the United Kingdom by a family business.

It comes in two colors: natural and ivory, and is ideal for summer gardening.

11. RSPB dewdrop bee biome

RSPB dewdrop bee biome

Unlike honey and bumblebees, solitary bees do not reside in colonies; thus, the RSPB’s biome supplies nesting tubes for them. Because bees are:

  • Such fantastic pollinators.
  • Attracting them to your garden should help your flowers bloom,
  • making this a wonderful gift for floral lovers.

Therefore this is one of the most notable gifts for gardeners as bees are on the verge of extinction, and what better way to promote the longevity of these helpful insects. In the process, you’ll be contributing to the survival of humanity.

12. National trust wildlife world Stourhead range bat box

The National Trust collaborated on the design of this bat box, which is made of FSC certified wood and contains a single chamber for bats to enter.

For wildlife enthusiasts, this is a sustainable option. For gardeners, you get to do even more to conserve our beautiful natural world.

13. Hedgehog house with a bark roof

With this wood and bark house, you can help someone special make their garden a hedgehog sanctuary.

As a result, hedgehogs can hibernate safely and comfortably in the shelter during the winter months. This product is genuinely one of the best gifts for gardeners and animal lovers. 

14. Natural History Museum bat mix seed balls

These clever little seed balls were initially associated with the Natural History Museum to help typical garden bats find food and shelter. The balls are peat-free and include seeds from a range of flowers, as well as chili powder to keep slugs away.

15. RSPB lodge nest box

This charming birdhouse has a classic green apex roof and will appear sleek and discreet in any yard. This nesting box is ideal for birdlife and house sparrows, making it an excellent purchase for bird lovers.

16. 3D printed PLA eco-friendly plant pot

 3D printed PLA eco-friendly plant pot

This plant pot with a crinkle design measures just over 3 inches in diameter and comes in seven different colors.

They are handcrafted with eco-friendly and biodegradable materials, including corn starch, by an Etsy seller using a 3D printer.

17. Eco recycled clock and thermometer

This clock and thermometer in one are the creation of hobbyists in the U.K. They use recycled paper packaging, and the packaging and clock are beautifully fashioned to seem like slate.

This gift for gardeners has a modern twin clock face design that allows you to quickly view the time and temperature–a great addition to your yard, workshop, or shed.

18. Ralf bamboo gardener socks

These super-soft socks are constructed from bamboo and organic cotton, making them both eco-friendly and breathable.

In addition, you receive two pairs of gardening socks and a stylish sock bag to present and store them in.

19. Eco wooden paper potter

You can construct your seedling pots out of recycled newspaper with this strong oak paper potter.

The pots are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, and they can be a fun family activity for gardeners to enjoy with youngsters aged three and above.

20. Recycled hessian sack plant holders

Up-cycling is a popular and environmentally responsible trend, and these hessian plant carriers are an excellent example.

Each one is handmade from recycled coffee bags and is one-of-a-kind, making them a unique present for indoor plant parents.

21. Kew Gardens adopt a seed program

The seed adoption initiative at Kew Gardens allows conservationists to adopt a seed from the Millennium Seed Bank, which contains over 36,000 wild species. The sausage tree and the heart-shaped labeled “love in a puff” plant are among the unexpected finds among the seeds.

22. Eureka solar-powered light bulb lantern

With this string of solar-powered lanterns, someone special can add a touch of glitter to their garden. You can clip the bulbs up throughout the garden. They don’t need a power supply as they are solar and will charge from the sun during the day, automatically glowing when it gets dark.

23. Dream Plants for the Natural Garden, written by Henk Gerritsen and Piet Oudolf

This picture-packed book, written by the renowned Piet Oudolf and Henk Gerritsen, details 1,200 perennials, bulbs, grasses, and shrubs essential to the pair’s natural gardening style. Anyone who enjoys plants will find this book inspiring.

24. The well-gardened mind – Rediscovering nature in the modern world by Sue Stuart-Smith

Sue Stuart-Smith, a psychiatrist, explains the transformational effect of nature and gardening on our health and well-being.

Her compelling real-life experiences make this book an essential book for our time, and gardeners are sure to relate.

25. The dry garden by Beth Chatto

Beth Chatto, known for her groundbreaking approach to selecting the appropriate plant for the right spot, focuses on drought and dry-tolerant plants in this book. It’s an excellent gift for gardeners who live in dry areas, and it’s also a fun read.

26. RHS How do worms work – A gardener’s collection of curious questions and astonishing answers by Guy Barter

RHS How do worms work

The head of the (RHSAS), Royal Horticultural Society’s Advisory Service, has authored this valuable and exciting book.

Each page contains the answer to a perplexing gardening inquiry as well as other helpful gardening advice.

27. The cut flower patch: Grow your cut flowers all year round by Louise Curley

This book is full of practical advice on how to grow over 100 flowering plants from early spring to late autumn.

The extent of guidance makes it an excellent gift for gardeners and anyone who enjoys filling their house with cut flowers.

28. Burgon and Ball Passiflora trowel and fork

Burgon and Ball’s gift trowel and hand fork set have finely painted handles and an etched shovelhead. ‘The passion of gardening is a seed that once sown, never dies,’ says the statement.

The Royal Horticultural Society endorses this gift set, so you can be confident you’re giving someone high-quality equipment as well as a fashionable set.

29. Colander trug

This colorful garden trug features drainage holes on one end. This design allows you to pick your vegetables, wash them under the faucet, and drain them without any mess or trouble.

30. Veg trug

This V-shaped VegTrug provides extra growing space without the need for a lot of compost in a short period.

It’s also a convenient height for senior gardeners and wheelchair users when raised on legs.

31. Potato harvesting scoop

Potato harvesting scoop

The inspiration of the Burgon and Ball’s handy tool is from a 19th-century potato grate meant to scoop up homegrown potatoes safely.

It includes a five-year guarantee, so you know you’re giving a gift that will last.

32. Carrot planter and seeds

These reusable patio planters are built with an adequate depth to grow carrots wherever you want. In addition, you receive a growing guide and free seeds to start your new carrot growing initiative.

33. Orla Kiely stoneware ceramic pot

Orla Kiely’s porcelain pot comes in three different colors: jade, orange, and sky blue.

This gift for gardeners is an excellent buy for anyone who wants to put their houseplants front and center, and they look attractive on their own or with other pots.

34. Haws copper indoor watering can

This handcrafted solid copper watering can by Haws is as attractive as it is functional. It not only looks lovely inside the home, but it’s also one of the most terrific gifts for gardeners.

35. Macramé plant hanger

Macramé plant hangers are made of woven rope and have become a fashionable interior style design again. Place a plant in the hanger and hang it from the ceiling or a high vantage point–inside or outside the home.

36. The new plant parent by Darryl Cheng

The new plant parent by Darryl Cheng

This book about new plant parenting is an excellent resource for learning about home plants and how to care for them.

It offers information on which species to plant and where to plant them, as well as watering and feeding instructions.

37. Ferm Living plant box

This indoor plant pot from Danish Ferm Living is elegant and contemporary, making it a fantastic addition to any plant lover’s house.

There are six different colors to choose from, making it simple to find the appropriate one for your living space.

38. Cottage garden design kit

This garden border template kit includes a planting plan for a cottage garden.

In addition, a mood board, design template, complete plant list, and two packets of seeds are included in the kit – making this design kit one of the most beautiful gifts for gardeners.

39. Galvanized zinc cube pot in a copper finish

Because this plant pot is composed of galvanized zinc, it should be durable and frost and rust-resistant.

The copper finish gives it a classy aesthetic look that will be great in any landscape. It’s also surprisingly light, making it a simple gift to share with someone you care for.

40. Potato planter pot

This two-tiered pot is ideal for growing potatoes in a compact manner. They’re easy to harvest, and it’s also easy to check when they’re ready by lifting off the inner pot.

41. Personalized copper trowel

Personalized copper trowel

The copper trowel includes a copper-plated steelhead and an ash wood handle for a vintage look.

You can personalize the handle with a message of up to 26 characters, and you can add a matching pair of secateurs for the ultimate gardener’s gift set.

42. Engraved birth flower plant pot

This one-of-a-kind planter is handcrafted from clay in Italy and engraved in Devon.

You can personalize it with the name and date of birth and the birth month flower and symbolism of the recipient, making it a very thoughtful present for any loved one.

43. Okatsune 103 bypass secateurs

The bypass secateurs from Okatsune are sharp, robust, and durable. They’re also simple to use and good value for money, making them a valuable and dependable gift for any gardener.

44. Oak Plant Labels

These plant labels are made from FSC certified oak, and you can sandpaper them for reuse at the end of the season. Individuals who worry about their influence on wildlife and the environment will love this gift because it provides long-lasting enjoyment.

That’s it, folks! Forty-four of the best gifts for gardeners to keep them happy. And if they’re happy, you will be too!